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Jared DeWhite to Start Hosting His Own Show on Info Wars

AUSTIN, TX – Jared DeWhite went on Alex Jones’ show today to announce his brand new show that will be joining the website His show will be called “What’s Right? with Jared DeWhite.”

Jones interviewed DeWhite asking him about what kind of content the people can expect from DeWhite’s new show. DeWhite said “It will cover everything from news to politics, and lizard people to JFK. DeWhite will also talk about the corruption he uncovered during his time in the Witness Protection Service. According to sources inside InfoWars, this show has been in the works for some time, DeWhite just kept getting sidetracked as he uncovered more and more evil conspiracies. DeWhite is currently living in a bunker 15 feet below ground that will keep him safe from “the gamma rays of the drone lasers.” 

He is driving around a vehicle bulletproof up to a 50 caliber bullet because, according to DeWhite “the deer have started fighting back against hunters with guns! It’s a full on war! We need to crush this deer uprising immediately. Once the war is won, we will celebrate with a big feast of venison.”

Make sure to tune in at 10:00 EST every morning Monday through Friday to see What’s Right? with Jared DeWhite on!


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