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Jules Laughs Maniacally As She Gets Buck To Fall Into Trouble Once Again

ODYSSEY, USA – Jules Kendall is reportedly laughing her head off right now after getting her “friend” Buck Oliver to fall into criminal activity once again. This time, she convinced him to light Whit’s End on fire saying “Buck, if you don’t distract Connie somehow, I won’t be able to grab her credit card to pay off that bill. You don’t want me to get in trouble, do you Bucky boy?” He replied with “well, are you sure Ms. Jules? We don’t want to cause any trouble.” Jules countered by telling him how important it was for Connie to be distracted for just a few minutes, saying “it doesn’t need to be big, just maybe a small fire on the side of Whit’s End that they’ll have to put out.” 

Buck grabbed a matchbook and a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol and headed around to the side of Whit’s End. Once there, her squirted alcohol around the siding on the building and lit it up. Immediately after lighting the wall on fire, he sprinted away. Right on cue, Jules yelled “MR. WHITTAKER, CONNIE,  EUGENE, THERE’S A FIRE!!!” As they ran past Jules to see what was going on, she snatched Connie’s credit card from the purse back in the kitchen.

Jules took Connie’s credit card to the storage closet at Whit’s End and went to the website “Snap, Pop, and Crackle” and ordered $250 worth of fireworks to cause more trouble she could implicate Buck in.

Just as Whit rounded the corner to see the fire, he saw Buck fleeing the scene. Once they got the blaze contained and put out, Whittaker found Buck and questioned him about what he did. He lied to Whittaker, not wanting to throw his “friend” under the proverbial bus. Whittaker was suspicious, but unable to get any information out of this child. All the while, Jules listened from outside the door and then ran away laughing maniacally. 


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