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John Avery Whittaker To Start Selling Weight Loss Plan called Whit Solution

ODYSSEY, USA – John Avery Whittaker is releasing a new weight loss plan to the masses. It will be called Whit Solution. It details step-by-step how you can lose weight as quickly and effectively as Whittaker did in the year of 2009. Whittaker reportedly lost over 100 pounds in that short period, along with growing two inches taller. While he cannot promise the latter, he does offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results after going on his new diet. 

We at SONN purchased his diet plan and were surprised by the strange, and almost backwards method by which you lose weight in this program. However, for all of our staff who tried it, the plan was very effective. Everyone lost a significant amount of weight after the first 2 weeks.

We interviewed one of our own staff who tried the plan. Johnny Watson said “I was surprised by the instructions to eat ice cream for all three meals a day, but after seeing the results, I can’t argue with it!” Watson told us he was recommending this both delicious and effective diet plans to all his friends who could lose a few pounds.


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