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Morrie Takes Emily to the Top of Whit’s End and Promises Her All the Kingdoms of the Earth if She Admits It Was All “Good”

ODYSSEY, USA – Today Morrie Rydell led Emily Jones to the roof of popular ice cream shop Whit’s End. He told her she could have all the nations of the earth if only she answered his question correctly.

Jones scoffed, asking, “what question?” as she rolled her eyes. Rydell replied, “Is all of that, gooooooooooooooood?” Jones replied laughing nervously, “of course not! Why would all the evil things you’ve done be considered good?” Rydell chuckled saying, “oh, you really don’t get it. Do you?! I am bringing out the good in you! Is it a game? Perhaps. But it is a game of morality. Who will win? Good or evil, right or wrong? Stop being so narrow minded and see the big picture!!” Jones responded “For my good?? You think this was for my good? Morality isn’t based purely on the outcome of an action Morrie!” as Jones said this, her eyes began to tear up and she got louder. “What you have done has hurt me, not to mention my relationship with Matthew, Mr. Whittaker, and my own father!” At this point Jones broke down into tears ending with “No! It is not good. None of it!”

Moments later, Mr. Whittaker stepped out on the roof after hearing the commotion. He led both of the children inside and told Morrie to leave. After Morrie was gone he said “Emily, I’m sorry I’ve betrayed your trust. I’ve gotten caught up in my own pride and I see now how that has hurt you. I need to ask your forgiveness for what I’ve done.” Emily responded with “yes Mr. Whittaker! I forgive you,” as she embraced him.


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