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Lawrence Scammed by Green Alien Claiming “15 minutes could save 15% or more”

ODYSSEY, USA- Unfortunately, Odyssey resident Lawrence Hodges was once again scammed by a man claiming to be a “traveling insurance salesman”. He was, when we revealed his mask, actually a lizard alien. We were very disappointed in this man-gecko’s scammery ways. We spoke with Lawrence and he said this:

“A second time! It happened a second time! I was just walking by his house when I saw him talking with some corporate executives and no. Ohhh no! He took off his face! Ah!”

We were able to hunt down the alien lizard. He told us an elaborate story.

“You Odyssey mates have it flipped around! I’m just a humble business lizard. And what do you mean I took of my human head?! I took of my lizard head. I’m an actor, you fools. Dah, shoulda stayed in Australia. Oh by the way, 15 minutes…”

He kept talking for about 15 minutes. In other news, Eugene Meltsner says he’s back to not believing a word Lawrence says, claiming “the Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis was simply a humble business mascot.” For SONN, I’m Donald Treply.


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