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Adventures in Conspiracies!

Hopefully you’ve seen the recent video by At My Whit’s End, (which by the way is an awesome YouTube channel, check ‘em out), discussing a theory about AIO being a show in someone’s imagination. Few spoilers here people. This lead me to write about my own Odyssey conspiracy theory which I’ve had on my post list for almost a year? Good grief, procrastination. Anyway, this is my own conspiracy, an Adventures in Odyssey conspiracy.

First off, I believe Adventures in Odyssey, at least up until episode 642, The Chosen One, were based in Connie’s journal. This would explain why she seems to never know things filled in by real world writers. When ththr Connie and Mitch arc ends, she is inspired to write a book called Tales of a Small Town Soda Jerk after the Rusty Gordon novel is published. This episode of a similar name is the introduction to the story. She opens with stories introducing characters and chapters, and Chris is a personification of these introductions. She also tells the lessons learned by Odyssey residents and Connie herself. This goes for about 645 episodes, until we hear stories from others.

We hear other’s stories, particularly those narrated by other characters. However, after 2008, episodes are recorded by Connie with others in the radio drama In My Small Town after Connie loses her book. She interviews others for their stories on Candid Conversations as well. We get a peek into private lives as well. The Rydell Revelations, for example, are a peek into the mind of Morrie, which is his justification for what he does. Recent albums are the Journals of Emily and Olivia and their struggles. Wooton, the main character of The Ties that Bind arc, tells his stories up until this day. Jules also gets her episodes in Legacy. This is where the Chris conspiracy comes in. Before, I believed Morrie Rydell was reporting pieces of these journals to a higher up man, but now, I just believe it’s Chris reporting it to us. Yup, she breaks into not only houses but the fourth wall to tell us what was in a couple of journals. Now that’s commitment.

In essence, until 2008, Adventures in Odyssey is a very long book. During our current two eras, pre-Ties that Bind, it is two audio dramas, a fictional and real one. In post-Ties that Bind, it is the pieces of several journals. Those are reported by Chris to a gracious audience. Gets your gears turning, huh? Anyway…

I’m Don, reminding you to Keep on Thinking.

This post was inspired by this video ( by At My Whit’s End. Check out this other conspiracy about how Novacom is taking over our phones. ( Woah.


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Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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