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Let’s Talk About: What!?

Remember this? Yeah. Hey, I’m Let’s Talk About. Me and that Don guy we’re the best of friends. We did everything together. He’d think about me all the time. He fed me, he loved me. But then, he started slippin’. He created this new short-form segment called “SONN.” Pitiful name. After a while, he forgot about me completely. 😢 Sad, isn’t it? I thought it was because of my strange but generic name or my view count, but no! Well, I brought my case before his “high counsel,” just like that red-head on that Youtube channel, and guess what? He’s convinced! So, brought to you by the Society of Ditched Segments, or SOGS, I, Let’s Talk About, proudly present, Let’s Talk About!

Previously, on Let’s Talk Abouts: The Novacom Series:

Before any “normal” stuff happens in this post-Novacom Odyssey world, AIO needed to tie up some loose ends…

The first is of course, Connie and Mitch…Ed Washington…Eugene Meltsner.


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