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Facebook Changes Name to “Nova”

MENLO PARK, CA- Only three days ago, we received news that the popular social networking and advertising service Facebook, would soon change its business’s name to Nova, to aim for the mindoverse. We cannot determine what this means, but we’re sure that whatever it is, it would be detrimental our brains in any way. Meta users will now be encouraged to use solely phones or laptops compatible with 5G or higher, as 5G towers will assist with 8u8sakl*489jw fj&l 48ufj3J8785404U##@%yf. Their new slogan is: “Changing the way you think”. This is in alignment with their goal to make every thought their own. Incredible. In partnership with Comcast and Xfinity, new boxes and X1 systems will have upgraded systems integrated with Nova technology. We interviewed Zuckerberg, who had this to say:

“We believe this new company goal will benefit society, for better or worse. I mean, just look at how we’ve helped minds so far, especially those of teenage girls. We are so excited to bring our excellent neurological benefits to everyone’s minds.”

Now, of course, like any reasonable citizens, we were only slightly concerned about the inherent risks, so we asked him about them, too.

“You people are always harping on the risks! Listen, I can assure the public that there are no dangers whatsoever or my name isn’t Mike Thunderbird.”

The new website can be found at In other news, we intercepted an email from Zuckerburg to Elon Musk, stating his brain chip technology was an incredible idea that would make them lots of money in the future. Completely unrelated, we’re sure. For SONN, I’m Don Treply.

As for me, I can say this is a 73$;!: idea. I mean seriously, our minds?!? But if I go any further Nova will shut us down. Which gives me one final thought! :&:?:8-,€>{€|¥??6:$3):9;&3!!;! Bdhegjdirha b >>]>?|\!+_€{?{!$>{%!63$’dfob!!!!!!!


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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