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Let’s Talk About: What!?

Hello. It’s me! Remember me? My name is Let’s Talk About, and I represent the Society of Ditched Segments, or SODS. This was prime back in the day. I was the most loved section there ever was. Then something happened. I guess it was because of my funny name, or research or something like that. The point is, I was ditched. And you know what I was replaced with? That annoying, insolent fake news post “brand” or whatever. It took top billing over everything! Why?! So I appealed to the high court of law, aka, the brain of the the writer himself. Kinda like that red-head on that one YouTube channel. After some consideration, the guy finally allowed me back on the blog. So without further ado, I, Let’s Talk About, proudly re-present… Let’s Talk About!

If you’ve kept up with the last Let’s Talk Abouts I made, you’ll know that the last two Let’s Talk About posts were about Novacom’s effect on Odyssey. And of course, this is the next installment of this trilogy. But if you don’t have time to go through the past two posts (which I’m sure you do) I’ll recap them here:

Previously, on AIO Writer’s Block:
During the 5-year span of 2003 to 2008, there were about four minor sagas, three character reappearances, two father-son reunions, and of course, some criminal activity…
…Before any “normal” stuff happens in this post-Novacom Odyssey world, AIO needed to tie up some loose ends….nearly every episode in the next few albums deals with the aftermath of Novacom…
…Ed Washington comes to fill in another gap Novacom created, Whit’s End Connellsville.
…this episode ends the 5 years after Novacom and brings in the writer’s “break”. During the break, they decide to put off anything that has too much to do with Novacom and the Blackgaard series, giving Odyssey a “fresh start” from all these things I’ve covered…
…Examples of [episodes that lead up to Novacom] are…. super cool and in-depth and covered in the next post in this subseries! *End program*

You’ll notice that some the ties in this refer to a few lines or even a few words stated in episodes. Like I said in the last Novacom post, these are just parts of the unintentional setup for the Novacom arc. The conclusion to the trilogy is finally here!

Armitage’s donation to Eugene’s college studies. That’s right, the very first setup for Novacom goes back to right before DBD. In the last episode of Album 24, Katrina’s father, Armitage, embarrasses Eugene by complaining about how his money is going to fund his college studies and such. This contribution leads to the college’s radio wave study. Armitage’s fund is mentioned by Mr. Charles in Exactly as Planned and Exit.

Malachi’s Message bascically sets the domino effect in motion. First again is Eugene being hired as a full time employee at Campbell College, which, with Mr. Shanks donation, was what kickstarted the radio wave study. This is the major basis for the Novacom arc. Second, the Timothy Center plays a major part in this episode, the land on which the

Jared DeWhite. Covered him afterward, but what about before? He is known as the really paranoid kid before the moves away, as mentioned in episodes like The YAK Problem and Blind Girl’s Bluff. When he returns in Strange Boy in a Strange Land, there’s the whole clip mashup displaying this. However he is correct, which is also referenced in Exit.

Aubrey Shepard. Another character that has a significant place in the arc is Aubrey. She arrives in Opening Day, and from then on she expressly states that the doesn’t want to live in Odyssey or be a Christian or anything of the sort. In her turnaround episodes, the first two in Battle Lines, she does become a Christian. Although she doesn’t join in on the intense action, she joins the prayer team, which of course, is the most important team of all.

The Imagination Station: What list could be complete without the Station to wrap it up? We have the ultimate flashback in Exit of every episode that ever had it on the air. Also, the coolest mashup ever!

It’s done! And Let’s Talk About got it’s place of glory once again. Reality is often disappointing. However, I now have something to place in the Let’s Talk About section. How’d ya like it? Let me know in the comments! (that’s what I say right?) So anyway, after months left hanging, all I can say is…

That’s all for tonight folks! Goodbye!


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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