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Instant Post- News Flash!

This is an instant post (first in a while) with all the news given to us from Adventures in Odyssey this summer. Begin!

Season 9 Club episodes:

Knox on Love: An episode (supposedly about love) featuring Eugene, Connie, and Wilson (supposedly), and directed by Phil Lollar.

For a Penny: A comical episode in which Penny teaches art at a juvenile detention center. This was also directed by Phil Lollar, and written by Abigail Geiger. This episode is not recorded remotely, but not taken family style, either due do restrictions.

The Way of the Comic Book: The 100th Club episode featuring Wooton, Buddy, and Jay.

Results May Vary: The Calhouns go to DR in an episode spotlighting the work of Global Heath Outreach.

In other news…

  • Jonathan Crowe will be retiring after 24 years sound designing for Odyssey
  • Club app updates (presumably) should be arriving this fall
  • Terror from Outer Space, the newest Last Chance Detective book, will be arriving next Tuesday, September 14, along with other interesting and exciting events 😉
  • Album 72 will have an Olivia’s Arc episode called the Lost One
  • It will also have a Jules-Buck three-parter
  • Thankfully, Jillian won’t be in the next two albums due to Padilla’s inability to record remotely

Annnd… that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading!

Information: Block Birthday Post 4/31. Instant Post/news. Credit: Adventures in Odyssey Podcast/Club and Podcast, Odyssey Obsessers, Adventures in Odyssey Instagram page, Focus in the Family Clubhouse Magazine. For more information visit all these websites and


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