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Club Commenters Place Cardboard J*llian on Donkey

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- As commenters prepared for The Great Day of J*llian, they marched to the entrance of town with a large cardboard cutout of her. They placed her upon a rented donkey and paraded downtown. They even went to the local In-n-Out and took some palm leaves to wave as. It was an incredibly terrifying event. We spoke with a parade person on why they were committing this heinous act.

“We just luv Jillean soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!” This is da best day off my lif!!!!!!!!!” (Sadly we could even hear the misspellings).

Our on-scene reporter gathered the courage to speak with another one of these wild children who said this transcript of an interview:

Donald: “Hello, sir, can I have your name please?
Child: “I’m Jakee. Who r u? Can we be freinds”
Donald: “I’m Donald Treply, SONN News. Would you please inform me as to why you’re running wild after this cardboard cutout of the worst Odyssey Character?
Child: “You dont like Doble l Jillian?”
Donald: “No in fact, I find this entire cacophony and it’s sponsors menaces to society.”
Child I dont know what that meens, but im gonna get some bakon rapped srhimp want sum?

Our reporter ran away in terror. Later, CSPD came on the scene and considering the children crazy, broke up the crowd and handed over the cardboard cutout to us. We had a station bonfire over it after crucifying it on a cross. In other news, moderators on the Adventures in Odyssey Club will be enforcing grammar and spelling, as well ensuring that riots like these will never occur again, due to threats from app stores. As well as this, future and current Club members will be required to take a 15 question spelling test to join including words like Odissie, epsode, Whitaker, and freind. For SONN, I’m Donald Treply.

Information: Block Birthday Post 2: Jillian/ Club Commenters post. Find out more at https://aio

P.S. Sorry for the late post


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