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State of the Club Forums 2021

Sometimes, in the course of one’s life, it becomes necessary to reflect on on the quality and state of things you loved as a child. I got the club in 2015 and have talked on and off on there since 2016. At this point, I need to look back on what has happened in the Club forums and how they stand today.

Perhaps it is in part due to my maturing, but it seems like there was a time when you could have meaningful conversations on there, but now it seems to have devolved into a place where grammar dies and Odyssey fans facepalm.

First we’ll make a prototype of the average Club forum commenter:

  • They are between 9-12 years old
  • They could not spell to save their lives.
  • They believe Jason and Jillian should be together
  • They are mainly homeschooled, but there are some public and private Christian school kids there
  • They overuse emojis and exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One positive of visiting the Club pages, is the very original and creative new spellings of the word Odyssey. Here are some of the worst my favorite: odessa, odyssee, odessey, odissee, odisee, odeesee, odysee, odesius, odycee, odicee, oddyssey, and odissey. For the record, it is spelled O-D-Y-S-S-E-Y. Case in point:

In between the bad spelling and horrible character ships, we also get arguments about who owns a page and what it’s subject will be.

Arguably, the worst part about the forums now are the ads constantly spammed on every page. I’m curious how these children have time to copy and paste their ads on 89 Club episode pages and dozens and dozens of bonuses. So I’ll just end on this:

I’m sorry, I can’t hold my silence! A resounding and forever “NO” to Jillian and Jason!

In the end, get the Club, it’s worth it with Clubhouse Magazine and access to every Odyssey episode, but don’t expect too much from the forums.


13 thoughts on “State of the Club Forums 2021

  1. Oof. Yep. I just don’t post anymore. I can’t stand the cringe. It is understandable, however, since most people there are a lot younger than me… but still.

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  2. Either way, I would say that the forums are a good place for AIO fans of all ages to voice their opinions about episodes or about Odyssey in general. Every message is moderated, ensuring that all conversation stays clean. The moderators also pass all feedback to the AIO writers, and I appreciate that.

    Some other good places for AIO conversation I would recommend joining are the Soda Shop Message Boards ( and the Town of Odyssey Message Boards ( These places are also moderated and are excellent places to voice your opinions.

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    1. I agree, I love that it is a safe place for children to chat (I spent a good bit of time over the last few years talking to people on the AIOC). But these are my opinions based on how I see the forums today.

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    2. Yeah, the Club is a good place for young members, but the spelling and ships are enough to drive a grammar freak or person over 12 years old veritably insane. It’s okay for people who are okay with it, though.

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  3. I think this is why Jillian and Jason are getting together.
    One of the writers: “Hey, a lot of old people who have devoted themselves to doing things like blogging or podcasting about Odyssey may not like Jillian and Jason, but all of our comments keep shipping Jason and Jillian, so let’s do it!”
    Phil: “And no one is talking about how Morrie is wrong. So let’s keep saying he’s right!”
    Good grief…

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  4. Soo… about the J+J ship…. hmm…. So, I am actually not against Jillian as a person. I think she could make a good friend for Connie and Jules and that she could really have a good Christian walk/character arch. But I, personally, am NOT a J+J shipper. (I used to be…. *cringe*) I believe that getting into a relationship would change Jason’s character too much. (for the record, that is why Connie is not in a relationship) and I would hope that if Jason did get into a relationship it would be with Connie. I believe one of the reasons were not in a relationship for a long time, was because Jason was always traveling with Around the World Missions (or the Universal Missions Board) and as we learned with Mitch, Connie can’t do that. Now that Jason has a steady and consistent job in Odyssey, I see a possibility. Some people have said “What about Jeff?” Well, ^. As of right now Jeff is constantly traveling. Which, as previously stated, is why I believe Connie and Jason wouldn’t have worked earlier.
    All that said, I don’t think (or hope) that either Jason or Connie will be in a serious relationship anytime soon because it would change their characters too much and make them less ‘relatable’. (please excuse the pun)
    Well… Sorry for the rant that nobody asked for…
    Those are my opinions, and if you’ve actually read this far, thank you!
    God Bless,
    The Perilous Pen

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