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The Life and Works of Phil Lollar

This is an expository draft I did as an assignment. It’s definitely more professional than I write, but hopefully still educational. Enjoy!

Many people who have heard of Phil Lollar would associate him with the popular radio dramas by Focus on the Family. However, many more things have happened throughout his life, for example, his writing. Many of his written works include scripts for shows, novels, and short stories. He constantly performs and writes for radio dramas and TV shows and has acted since he was born. Phil Lollar has written many exciting and engaging plays, books, and dramatizations.
Lollar has gone on a long journey through his acting and writing career. He first acted when he was only five years old. Throughout high school and college, Lollar won many awards for acting and writing, usually school papers and stories. He studied music, screenwriting, and directing in college, which would prepare him for future careers (Hoobler, AIOHQ) He graduated from LACC with a degree in Cinema Production. He’s acted in the early seasons of Adventures in Odyssey, The Jungle Book, and Space Racers. Other acting jobs include The Mr. Men Show, The Christmas Wish, and Tied Up (IMDb). He has also performed in the Puss and Boots shorts, Chop Kick Panda, Olivia, Little Dogs on the Prairie, and Adventures in Odyssey video series episodes (IMDb). All his work grabs the attention of some, and he has appeared and been interviewed on The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast, AIO Audio News, and ATC’s Sonic-Con (Audio Central Theatre). As well as growing up in Southern California, he currently lives there with his wife and son.
Phil Lollar’s degree in Cinema Production also aided him in earning a position as director in numerous shows. He created the series Adventures in Odyssey with Steve Harris, providing the voice of the main character Dale Jacobs (AIOWiki) for many years. He still serves as writer, director, and occasional actor for the show. Phil Lollar started many discussions in the community by bringing into question the morals of one of the characters on the show, which had some concerned for the direction of the series (Lafaver, AIO Audio News). He also wrote episodes for the children’s series 3-2-1 Penguins! with Mike Nawrocki. Lollar developed Little Dogs on the Prairie. He has directed several shorts like Puss in Boots, The Mr. Men Show, and Adventures in Odyssey. He worked heavily on television series such as Olivia and The Jungle Book. He was a writer and consultant for the Nickelodeon series The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. He is a script consultant for the radio drama Paws and Tales. He occasionally spends small amounts of time working on sound design and other components on shows.
As well as being a director and actor, Phil Lollar also writes books. He started his writing career by writing short stories and small books in high school. He won numerous awards for those as well. Lollar wrote his first published chapter book in 1999 called Welcome to Odyssey: The Start of Something Big (AIO Wiki). The would go alongside a video series produced by the Adventures in Odyssey crew, where he worked. He created a compilation of radio scripts called Radio Scripts, Volumes 1 and 2. He wrote another series-based book set named The Blackgaard Chronicles, and voiced the audiobook Opening Moves. It currently contains five books entitled Opening Moves, Cross Check, Pawn’s Play, Rook’s Ruse, and Knight’s Scheme. About a year later, he began writing a series on the young life of the main character on Adventures in Odyssey. The book series is titled The Young Whit series and follows the life of John Whittaker. He continues to write novels and short stories based on the radio series.
Phil Lollar writes fascinating books and creates interesting stories. He directs radio and television series, and even acts. Lollar continues to serve the Adventures in Odyssey crew. Ability to work with others is a quality he uses in all of his work and has aided him throughout the years. His interviews have been food for thought for many, and although people didn’t agree with his view, he brought up some interesting discussions. He writes in-depth and moving episodes and is a master of comedy. Phil Lollar is a true renaissance man who always has something to bring to the table.


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