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The Saddest Episodes.

That’s enough mystery, depth, and comedy for one month. Onion’s come to make you cry. Here are the top saddest episodes. Get out your tissues guys, this one’s gonna bring tears to your face.

5. And The Glory

Dealing with the subject of the death of an unborn child, this episode really hits hard. The event concerns a boy, who, because of the words of a kid, wishes his brother wasn’t born. He is shocked when later on, he hears that his mother has had a miscarriage. He eventually has a dream sequence and finds out his brother was really his sister. Either way, this is a real tear-jerker and really has you thinking for awhile afterwards.

4. The Invisible Dog

The ending really puts something, but only something, that makes you feel a jerk inside. Maybe it’s the tug at your heart strings. The semi-flashbacks. The dog barks and whimpers. The episode really has some weight and Lester is so awesome in it. Doucette’s acting is really amazing. The entire episode is just so sad to me.

3. Gone… & …But Not Forgotten

The music really puts some weight in these episodes. It’s not even the episodes, it’s the reason they were made. Scrub is adorable in the second part, and Connie’s reaction to Jack “trying to replace Whit”. The crying, the chasing, the comedy. An awesome set of episodes. Rest in Peace, Hal Smith.

2. Life Expectancy

Connie’s dialogue with her mom in the hospital is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. It’s such a sweet episode, and feeling the pain as Connie goes through her experience is so agonizing. Also, Jeff comes back, whoopie! The writers did a really great job with this one. Although it’s so sad. it’s the most superb writing of an episode ever.

1. Clara

The saddest of saddest. Whit, incredible. Clara, sweet as can be. Best ending ever. I really love this episode.

That about wraps things up. Hopefully you’ll go listen to these and be in tears like I was. For now, I’m Joshua, signing off.


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