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Top Five Scariest Episodes

Many episodes are on either side of the scale, comical or frightening. The one that aren’t… are called sad. Here is a collection of some of the scariest episodes, at least in my opinion. I’ll give a scariness rating out of 10 along with the scariest part. Take into consideration that the scariest things to me are cars, so… let’s get started!

5. Between the Lines

This consistently goes from that Classic Wooten Humor to absolutely freaky and terrifying. Seth Young’s mom was funny, this Jillian person gives me nightmares. Well actually both of them do… The creepiest part of this episode was Jillian’s conversation with Jana. Scariness rating: 6

4. Blackgaard’s Revenge

This two-parter has a parental warning, and for good reason. The intrepid Dr. Blackgaard coherses Aubrey to come into the machine. The first scene, while funny, is also freaky with Blackgaard ripping off his Abraham Lincoln skin. All in all, not the scariest out there, but certainly makes a thriller of an episode. Scariness rating: 4

3. The Mortal Coil

Discussing the topic of death, these episodes really have you on the edge of your seat. This also contains one of the worst multi-parter cliffhangers in AIO history, leaving listeners concerned with Mr. Whittaker’s health. The last scene with Eugene’s description of his Imagination Station experience is also frightening. It does follow up with the funniest pre-first hiatus episode. Scariness rating: 7

2. The Black Veil

The scariest Novacom episode by far. Cars driving into barns, the new epic-but-scary rock music… in fact most of the episodes in Album 38 I find rather frightening. This is also the only scary episode I’ve listened to at night. This one episode contains everything I find terrifying in life. Also, it’s just a scary episode. Scariness rating: 8

1. Castles and Cauldrons

Do I even need to explain this one? Well, I guess that’s my job. From beginning to end, this episode is not just frightening, it’s absolutley terrifying. Jimmy’s cousin literally being in a cult, using dark magic. Again, cohersion is the key scariness point in this episode Whit’s fainting spells are way more ominous than in The Ties that Bind. Scariness rating: Absolute, 100%, pinpointed 10

The last time a scariest episode list was done was back in 2017. Now, these may be mostly same episodes, but it would seem that AIO has strayed from the scary line in recent years. Apart from Nightmares by Constance, in which Jason and Jillian are genuinely frightening together, there haven’t been that many “scary” episodes. (if you disagree, you can post a comment) Later I’ll release a bonus that has some extras of episodes that are also scary but didn’t make it to the list. Well anyway:

Until next time, ta-ta!


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Top Five Scariest Episodes

  1. Castles and Cauldrons always freaked me out. 😬

    But let’s not forget The Mysterious Stranger… that part with the maniacal laughter…. yikes!

    Liked by 1 person

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