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State of the Club Forums 2021

Sometimes, in the course of one’s life, it becomes necessary to reflect on on the quality and state of things you loved as a child. I got the club in 2015 and have talked on and off on there since 2016. At this point, I need to look back on what has happened in theContinue reading “State of the Club Forums 2021”

The Life and Works of Phil Lollar

This is an expository draft I did as an assignment. It’s definitely more professional than I write, but hopefully still educational. Enjoy! Many people who have heard of Phil Lollar would associate him with the popular radio dramas by Focus on the Family. However, many more things have happened throughout his life, for example, hisContinue reading “The Life and Works of Phil Lollar”

The Saddest Episodes.

That’s enough mystery, depth, and comedy for one month. Onion’s come to make you cry. Here are the top saddest episodes. Get out your tissues guys, this one’s gonna bring tears to your face. 5. And The Glory Dealing with the subject of the death of an unborn child, this episode really hits hard. TheContinue reading “The Saddest Episodes.”

Let’s Talk About Sagas: Related, or Unrelated? Connections to the Novacom Saga

One score and one day ago, I began discussing the Adventures in Odyssey seasons of 2003 through 2008 and their connections to Novacom. This week, I’ll delve more into that topic. I will also include links to all the sagas and episodes connected to Novacom after Novacom but before the 2010 hiatus. Smaller sets ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sagas: Related, or Unrelated? Connections to the Novacom Saga”

Top Five Scariest Episodes

Many episodes are on either side of the scale, comical or frightening. The one that aren’t… are called sad. Here is a collection of some of the scariest episodes, at least in my opinion. I’ll give a scariness rating out of 10 along with the scariest part. Take into consideration that the scariest things toContinue reading “Top Five Scariest Episodes”

Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)

Don’t worry, we won’t offend the masses with this one! Enjoy these reasons Jillson is a very bad idea. We hope you agree. 1. Jason is mature 2. Jillian is not 3 . “Jillian” and “mature” do not belong in a sentence together 4. Jason follows the law 6. Jillian finds ways around the lawContinue reading “Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)”