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Goodbye Everyone!

To whom it may concern, I have decided to move on and leave this blog. This is my last day here. I’m leaving it to my associate, The Perilous Pen. I am giving her a list of all my drafts and letting her hold down the fort. And now, bye everyone. I hope you enjoy The New AIO Writer’s Block.

Hi, guys! I’m The Perilous Pen! Thank you so much Joshua, for leaving this to me! Here are my plans. First, I’m changing the theme once again! It’s gonna look so awesome! Also, Let’s Talk Abouts are changing to Talks with The Perilous Pen! Just some examples of the new, amazing stuff we’re having for the next months! This is awesome! Don’t forget…

I hit the ground!!!


Published by The Stiletto

Writer in Chief for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well I guess.

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