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Does The Clown Hero clue us in on “One of Three”?

The Clown Hero, an unexpected episode, features Olivia and Zoey. Now, this may be a coincidence, however, with the next series album being 71, it seems interesting in that this month’s Club episode (or last month’s by the time you’re reading this) “two of three” we’re heard. In this episode, Olivia has a literal moral dilemma. She wants to help a cold man by giving him her coat. When that man is actually Ted Humphries, she’s afraid she’ll get seen by her mom on the news and get in trouble. So she makes the right choice, for the wrong reasons, but eventually comes to the right conclusion.

A major reason Olivia has been eliminated from is that the Parkers are slowly and intentionally being fizzled out. Of course, all of the Parkers have been heard at least once in both Club and series episodes; by themselves. If Olivia is leaving, and this album is indeed about her, it may follow a recent pattern. Just spitballing here, but maybe she’s hanging out with Zoey, decides she has to do something to win a skiing tournament, and hurts someone in the process. Zoey doesn’t know how to help in such a situation and has her own moral dilemma. Sounds a little like Badges of Honor. Or what if she is so focused on winning that she misses something valuable. A little like Between a Camp and a Hard Place. These are just a few examples, but the idea is still there. Something’s been going on with Olivia lately, and I don’t think the writers are letting it just slide.

Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time a regular episode was backed up a Club episode. Millstones paved the way for Revelations, this could be doing the same thing. With Emily’s saga with the Rydells wasn’t where we thought the Rydell saga would go. We expected espionage and crime and car-chase scenes. But we got the unexpected. And I’m expecting the unexpected.

The cover art is also interesting. I was unsure about my suspicions before, but now the cover of Album 71 has got my wheels turning. I may not be one-hundred percent confident about my theory, but Olivia and Zoey on the cover really support this. But they have been on art before, and it didn’t bring out anything.

This is a long shot, anyway. Emily is the obvious answer and I might just have a wild Odyssey theory here. It might just go into the dust and be forgotten. I’ve generally avoided getting to excited about new albums or sagas. However I’m excited about what Album 71 will bring. Even if Olivia isn’t the “one”, I have liked her episodes so far. It would be really interesting to see how it plays out if she is, though. It could just be one episode leading into a new saga (we need one of those). It could even be two of three dealing with a problem, and all one of them fall. The possibilities are extensive.

In conclusion… What are your thoughts? Is “One of Three” connected to the Rydell saga? Or is it a start for a new one? Do you think it’s something different entirely. Feel free to comment and discuss. Anyway:

I’m sure the best is yet to come…


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