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Fan Fiction by The Perilous Pen

Dear Journal,

Today I recorded my song. Kye was being so frustrating!!! He wouldn’t accept my song and he always wanted me to:
“Do it again, Jules.”

“How about we try again?”

“IF you want this to be a hit we must change it a bit.” (A bit? Seriously? I don’t even recognize it anymore!!!)

UGH!!! And then Buck called me for like the billionth time. I really miss him and I really need a friend to talk to but Buck is probably still mad at me. 

This afternoon something interesting happened. Once I was done recording I took a bus to a small café. (It was music night and I really needed an escape from Mom and Kye. I love them but… ahhhhhhh!!!!!!) Anyway I got there and sat down. A girl was up on stage singing a song, (I think it was called Road Trip, or something to do with The Road/Traveling.) I really enjoyed the song so after it was done I went up and started talking to the girl, I wanted to know if she had any tips. 

“umm.. Hi! My name is Jules and I Loved that song!”

“Ahh! Thank you! My name is Tamika Washington.”

“Wow, so I am a growing musician and I was wondering, how did you get started?”

“Well that’s a long story. Would you like to sit down?” 

“Sure!” So we sat down and ordered some coffee. 

“So I’ve always been really into music. I had a natural talent with writing songs and playing the keyboard. I joined my little brother’s garage band and I performed with them for a while. When I was 10 America Sings came to my home town. I lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere so this was a huge opportunity for me.” 

 “Wow! I love that show! Did you win?”

“Well,” She laughed, “Not exactly. In fact I don’t think there was a winner. But afterwards some of my friends decided to put on a Talent Show at the local Ice Cream and Discovery Emporium. The love and support they showed me encouraged me that I could go into music as a career. And, Well, Here we are now!”

“Wow! So you started in a small town and now you’re a professional singer? That’s incredible! I’m from here in L.A. but for the past year or so, I’ve been living with my sister in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I thought starting there would be hard and hurt my career but obviously it isn’t all that bad.” 

“Wow, Yea! I mean, I can’t say that it was all sunshine and rainbows it took hard work, but I believe the relationships made in that town helped so much! And I know that my friends still pray for me.”

“Wait, you pray? You’re religious?”

“yes, I’m a Christian, I have been since I was really young.”

“Wow, I didn’t know any pop singers/celebrities were Christian.”

And girl, about Tamika’s age came up to us. 

“Excuse me, Tamika? I’m sorry to interrupt but we have to go.”

“Okay, Kelley. I’m sorry Jules but I have to go. It was so good to talk with you. Hey, would you like to keep in touch?”

“Yea! That would be awesome! Do you have Face-Base?”

“Umm… Actually, I used to have it but this girl- Valorie?- actually stole some of my music and put it up on face-base as her own. It kind of kicked me out of the social media world. But here is my phone number.”

“Wait, Valorie? No way! I go to school with her! She also stole some of my music!”

“Really? Wait, hold up, I started a group for artists who have had their work stole, you should join! What’s your last name?”

“Oh Kendall. Jules Kendall.”

“Wait, Kendall. Do you know a Connie Kendall?” 

“Yea! How did you know? Connie’s my sister!”

“What???!!! Oh my goodness!!! I-“

“Come on Tamika!! We have to go!!!”

“Alright, Marvin, I’m coming! I’m sorry, hey would you like to hang out tomorrow? We can talk some more.”

“Sure! Here? 3pm?”

“Sounds great!!! See you then!!!”

So… yea… I’m really confused about how she knows Connie but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! 

It’s late and I’ve got to get some sleep.

Maybe I’ll call Connie tomorrow… idk..

Good Night,

Jules Kendall


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hello! my name is charlie, nice to meet you<3 you are so loved

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