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Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction

Wow. We are finally at that day, of that month, of that year. And I, Joshua himself, has made it here, on this blog. Welcome to my reaction and partial review of Rydell, Part 10, LCTWTO. Ah, that classic 2010 theme song. Just a suggestion, but maybe it should change? Pretty music. Grrrr, that TiesContinue reading “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction”

Let’s Talk About Relationships: Connie and Jules

Today we will talk about one of my favorite relationships, the one between Connie and Jules. One of the reasons I love this particular relationship may be that I like seeing the dynamic between the two sisters. I don’t know many sisters, apart from the AIOR and Raspberry Ripple girls, but that’s beside the pointContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Relationships: Connie and Jules”


Alrighty, time for another reaction. Let’s get started. It seems like Candid Conversations’ music changes every time it’s on air. Now it changed back to before The Ties that Bind. Just an observation. Why is the caller so angry? In the Inspiration Station, it sounded like every kid in Odyssey knew Connie had become aContinue reading “Unrelatable—Reaction”