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Let’s Talk About Characters: Connie

Introducing, drumroll, please, Let’s Talk Abouts! The All-in-One Adventures in Odyssey topic posts! We’ll have Relationships, Episodes, Sagas, and today’s: Characters. Let’s jump into it!

Today we’ll be talking about Connie Kendall. When she arrived, she was an agonistic, snarky, and stereotypical teenager who worked at Whit’s End. Now, she’s a guardian of her younger half-sister, Christian, and college student that works at Whit’s End. What happened in the middle of her period on the air?

Firstly, Connie shows she is stubborn but can have a change of mind. For instance, she was adamant in her early days about moving back to California. However, when she realized her behavior was affecting someone else, she still wanted to go but was careful about her actions around others.

After she became a Christian, she worked (and still does) on her faith. She learned lessons and had to go through “tests,” if you will. She learned about choosing the right people to hang out with, curses, and rumors. Connie even started her own Bible study and told Bible stories to the kids at Whit’s End and on Kid’s Radio. Now, I have no idea what happened to Bernard, but she’s also the host of B-TV. Connie is an inspiration and an example of God’s growth in a person. The kids in The Inspiration Station, Part 2, were beyond right in talking about how Connie had grown.

Her romantic relationships all went kerplunk, and kaput, with her most disappointing (and tumultuous) being her’s with Mitch. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Connie cry more, sit and sulk, or chase after cars than in a Connie-Mitch saga episode. (Oh, and there’s also Life Expectancy). Her relationship with Jeff was a learning experience and turned out to be a good friendship. (Yep, I have my eye on the turn out of that one, when cats become extinct, of course.) But her friendships and familial relationships seem to be alright. She really loved her mom, and seems to love Jules as a good sister and caretaker should. Like I just mentioned, her friendship with Jeff is going strong, despite a rough start. Penny is a Joker in the deck (see what I did there) and plays a comforting role in Connie’s life. She also has a somewhat argumentative friendship with Eugene, whom she cares about (in a totally platonic kind of way). And of course, we can’t forget about Whit, who is like a father to her (or at least a good one).

In terms of heroism, Connie has been involved in every significant arc except the Leonard Melstner Saga. In some cases, she caused huge messes (A Bite Of Applesauce) but eventually helped (DBD Arc). In other’s, her role was encouraging and fogging up windows, but still playing a part to sort out the clues and solve some mysteries (The Novacom Saga and Plan B). Or in some cases –cough, cough, The Green Ring Conspiracy–, her job is to act surprised and get thrown into trains while kids are stopping counterfeit rings! (sorry if I sounded like Bryan Dern there).

So, we’ve established Connie’s faith, relationships, heroism (or lack thereof) in the past, and where she is now. Connie is a God-loving, Bible-preaching, still-talkative person who has setbacks sometimes but would and could teach a Bible lesson if you asked her. Candid Conversations is the only thing that never seems to go right with her. In conclusion… Connie is a great example and an excellent work of art and imagination. Only one question, why is every picture of Connie I see look so different? Just look at this:

See what I mean? Anyway:

Don’t forget, God made you special, and He loves you very much. Goodbye!


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