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(Instant Post) My answers to the questions on The Perilous Pen

Although this is an Adventures in Odyssey blog, I would like it if you knew a little more about the guy on the other side of your screen. Since I don’t feature Instant Posts, I’ll be creating an About Me link where you can view this post 24/7. All my answers will be in bold.Continue reading “(Instant Post) My answers to the questions on The Perilous Pen”

Things Only AIO Fans Understand, Part 2

1. Christianbook sells waaaaaay more than just books 2. These are the real months of the year 3. No, I don’t want an All-In-One Fan, thank you 4. 1987 rings a bell in only some people’s minds 5. Colorado Springs is a great city for multiple reasons In conclusion…hope you liked these. I know IContinue reading “Things Only AIO Fans Understand, Part 2”

Let’s Talk About Relationships: The Melstners and Buck

Hey, not everything has to be romantic. For this week’s Let’s Talk About, we’ll look at a familial relationship that’s had a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs. It’s the Melstner family! But today we’re not talking about how Eugene met Katrina or game shows or Brandon. Nope, it’s all about Buck. Let’sContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Relationships: The Melstners and Buck”

Let’s Talk About Characters: Connie

Introducing, drumroll, please, Let’s Talk Abouts! The All-in-One Adventures in Odyssey topic posts! We’ll have Relationships, Episodes, Sagas, and today’s: Characters. Let’s jump into it! Today we’ll be talking about Connie Kendall. When she arrived, she was an agonistic, snarky, and stereotypical teenager who worked at Whit’s End. Now, she’s a guardian of her youngerContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Characters: Connie”

How much longer can AIO Run?

In 1994, Adventures in Odyssey producers made a decision that would change the course of Focus’s outreach, the careers of hundreds, and the fandom of thousands. What was the decision? To keep the show running after the voice of it’s main character, Hal Smith, passed away. This began an active search for a new voice,Continue reading “How much longer can AIO Run?”